Social: Policy, Awareness and Activism

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@snagmovement on instagram

The SNAG, or Say No and Grow Movement, is a student-led movement fighting the use of e-cigarettes-- primarily by teenagers. The rate of e-cigarette use by teenagers is growing rapidly by year. Reaching out, conducting research, and encouraging teenagers to stop smoking. Our future events include speaking with others, publishing information, and hanging posters around our high schools. As students from different locations, we work together to widen the range of awareness of the dangers of the e-cigarette.

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Vote Z is a nonpartisan organization working to change the culture around voting amongst Generation Z by registering voters, facilitating dialogue on civic action, and promoting engagement with the democratic process.

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Generation Positive

January 1, 2020

Hi we’re Generation Positive! Our mission is to inspire young people to love themselves through interviews that share different perspectives anyone can relate to, sharing music and affirmations to help you through the day, up-lifting other organizations, and empowering others to speak up for what they believe in!

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January 1, 2020

NotTrue is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting multiculturalism, ethnic diversity, racial justice and gender equality. We help unite people of all ethnicities to share and educate others on the fascinating diverse cultures around the world. Together, we believe that one day we will be able to live in a society free of discrimination, prejudice and stereotypes.

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GIYLS is an organization that advocates for teen leadership and teen entrepreneurship in low to middle income countries.  We started our in August when VJ (CEO) and Reuban (COO) had the idea of starting an organization together to help those in need and provide resources for them to have a chance to grow. One of our very first projects was hosting a free summit with young entrepreneurs from around the world for youth in Monrovia, Liberia. The summit was a great success and we want to take our impact even further. So that's when we started our Expansion program for youth ambassadors. To this date, we have chapters soon to be open in Monrovia, Texas and Colorado as well. We are also hosting a virtual Diversity Concert fundraiser to help young artists have a platform to shine even during these times. A portion of the money raised will go towards SaveTheChildren and the rest will go towards helping build resources for teens around the world. We are currently a team of 5 people situated in different places around the world.

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Tourette SyndromeS

Tourette SyndromeS is a multinational, non-profit youth-led organization that was founded in order to raise awareness of Tourette Syndrome. From sharing personal stories to providing comprehensive information, anyone can feel free to seek solutions to their problems with the organization's unmitigated support. The ultimate goal is to progress our society towards a more accepting environment on an international scale.

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January 1, 2020

Connect&Compute stands by the belief that a child's family background should not control their quality of education. Our mission is to promote equal, fair, and effective education by providing schools in low-income areas with technology to enhance and stimulate their students' learning experience. During the school year, we conduct technology workshops by partnering with local schools. This summer, Connect&Compute is excited to host online technology workshops along with speaker series by professionals in various tech fields! Donations from workshops will be used to purchase technology this coming school year and 25% is being donated to the Black-Movement Law Project.

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Astral Cognition

We’re a student-run page dedicated to teaching everyone how to become a divergent thinker and a creator! Our goal is to help people who don’t have a voice to find one on the internet. It’s important that everyone has a voice, and there is no better place to do so than online!

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January 1, 2020

International Humanitarian Crisis Awareness Society (IHCAS) is a youth-led, nonprofit organization dedicated to raising awareness for social and humanitarian issues all around the world. We thrive to educate and inform others on important crises through our social media, website, and podcast channel.

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News Left Behind

Instagram: @newsleftbehind

A student-led initiative focused on providing a platform for global topics and issues not spoken or heard about enough.
We accept team members from all over the world to gain the most perspectives on these issues as we can.
We want to use writing and art to put these topics into a new light for our audience.


Voice of Young America

Voice of Young America is a political action committee centered around one main goal: advocating for representation of young Americans in our political sphere. We do this by utilizing grassroots methods to promote youth representation on our core objectives; collaborating with youth-run organizations to expand their outreach programs; and developing the civic and political involvement, knowledge, and skills of our members and volunteers to increase engagement and skills in the political world.

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You're Not Alone

You’re not alone is a platform for teens to connect through any form of creative expression. We aim to break through the stigmas that surround mental health by letting them know that they are not alone. We are accepting all creative submissions including art, poetry, personal stories, and more. Check out our website at!

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Teens United

July 12, 2025

Make An Impact In Your Community by making Free Home Deliveries to our Seniors.

Teens United is a nonprofit organization run by teens across the US who are passionate about serving their local communities in the time of crisis. Teens United volunteers provide contact-less and free delivery of groceries, medicine, and other essential items to our senior citizens and frontline workers during times of crisis, a natural disaster, or a pandemic.

Now serving the DC metro area, including Northern Virginia, Montgomery County and parts of Washington, DC. Teens United is working on expanding chapters into Florida, New Jersey, and Maryland.

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The Political Spotlight

January 1, 2020

We are a page run by teenagers dedicated to spreading factual, unbiased information about current events. Our goal is to interest people in issues they may not know about to help them make informed decisions. Every week we will post about one down-ballot race and one national, foreign, or policy issue (2 posts per week).

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Florida Youth in Politics

Florida Youth in Politics (FYP) is a bipartisan organization welcoming all young Floridians to find their call to action and become involved in an integral part of their future. FYP serves as an epicenter for student involvement and advocacy, through encouraging and seeking bright minds of the future and providing vital exposure and awareness to politics and government. Through our two-branched approach of promoting involvement in political & governmental opportunities to prioritizing the youth through providing them with the platform to play a role in advocacy and change, we ensure that all Floridians are given the opportunity to take part in their political climate.

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Moco Discussions

Our organization was founded to provide a safespace to discuss and post controversial topics with people all over the world

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Youth Counseling

July 12, 2025

Youth Counselling is a youth-led organization that advocates for empowering youth activism by
curating diversified social media platforms for the Gen-Z! We will be creating and organizing
various means of projects to ensure education equity and safe places in the community.

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E.C. Environment

Ec. Environment is a community organization based in Ellicott City, Maryland. We are two teenagers, dedicated to raising awareness and highlighting important issues and current events in our local community and environment. We will primarily be focusing on environmental aspects, but we will also include current issues from all different aspects of our community.

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End The Stigma

End the Stigma is a student led non-profit organization that aims to educate and raise awareness to mental illness through social media and art. We strive to End the Stigma in seeking treatment, therapy, or support for individuals that have or have had a mental health illness or condition. The founder, Martina Polath, lives in Sterling Heights, MI, but the executive team is spread out all over the U.S. and other countries.

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Shattering the Stigme

Shattering The Stigma is an international student-led project that seeks to eliminate the stigma around mental health. Specifically focusing on mental health portrayals in the media (as they can often be incorrectly dramatized or romanticized), we write weekly blog posts that uncover the inaccuracies in media portrayals, have a platform for students to share their mental health journeys, and have a new and coming Podcast where we discuss these portrayals with experts.

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Here n Queer

January 1, 2020

Founded in the Pacific Northwest, Here N Queer is dedicated to sharing and destigmatizing the experiences of LGBTQIA+ people. Additionally, Here N Queer spreads information about LGBTQIA+ topics in order to educate others. By partnering with people from all around the world, Here N Queer hopes to make the world a more accepting place.

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Tea Talk

Tea Talk (@whatsyourcupoftea on Instagram) is an inclusive platform that promotes wellness, diversity, and cultural understanding through tea. We have many projects in the works, such as a “Tea Traditions” series that features tea traditions and cultures from around the world, collaborations regarding how tea benefits mental health, and tea recipes for each season!

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Ballot Z

Ballot Z provides resources and reminders about upcoming elections to young voters in Illinois. Through our website and social media, we try to make information about voting - from election procedures to candidate research - more accessible. Our goal is to empower Gen Z voters and increase youth turnout in elections.

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Listen Speak Act

Listen Speak Act is a blog based on educating people on social justice issues and teaching them how to make a difference in their community. We strive to teach people to use their voice and to make a difference in what they believe in. As we mention on our website, this blog's mission is for us to encourage you to listen to problems that you hear in the world, on the news, in books, or even on this blog, then start to speak on it, and finally to see the impact of what you did.