Projects with multiple purposes


Nous sommes des lycéens Français désireux d’imaginer le monde d’après. Durant le confinement, nous nous attachons à divertir et informer nos abonnés autour de thèmes tels que la culture, l’actualités et le sport. L’after (après confinement) sera la création d’une fresque street art, afin de  laisser une trace du passage entre deux mondes, que nous imaginons différents. Nous désirons débuter le projet à Montauban puis poursuivre l’histoire avec des lycéens dans d’autres pays afin de composer une oeuvre complète.



Unify Louisville is a free student led initiative to being teens resources on education, workouts, healthy eating and more amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. The centerpiece of the website is a free tutoring service offered to students of any age


Community Over Corona

We are dedicated to expanding the social media presence of local businesses hurt by COVID-19 to ensure a quick rebound in consumer demand after the pandemic subdues. As a social media managerial team we will, at no expense, work to retain and expand your consumer base.

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Youth Vent 473

YouthVent is a teen organisation which raises awareness of mental health, addiction and bullying by giving youth a platform to speak out and show their talents. 
It was started in Grenada, W.I. However, you can start a chapter in your own community. Youth can submit artwork, essays, videos etc to our website. They can also read advice about dealing with various topics such as drug/alcohol addiction, sexuality, life, mental health and bullying.
We also have chatrooms so that youth can express their feelings on addiction, bullying and mental health in their lives. 
Follow us on instagram @youthvent473 for more info. Click the link in our bio for our website, chatrooms, chapters, how to join us etc.

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LeadHERship is an international network of students that aims to combat the gender gap in leadership by educating about gender bias and the forms it takes in leadership positions, and by holding important discussions and self evaluations concerning women in leadership. Get involved by contacting us, and we’ll help you hold a conference or event in your community! Open to all genders :)

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The Art Lab

Bridging the gap between art and science. 

A platform where enjoying art helps further science education. Curated art posts from numerous scientists and artists. Merchandise is designed and sold with all proceeds going to science education nonprofits.

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OpportuniTeens is a student-run organization providing opportunities for teens, compiled by teens. Our initiative aims to provide students with information regarding internships, college readiness programs, volunteering events, and more. These various opportunities are researched and organized by us in hopes of helping all students find jobs where they can develop relevant skills in their future college majors/jobs.

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