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Initiatives regarding health

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Vitality Volunteers

Our mission is to help connect volunteers from all over the world to organizations to improve the health of the community and increase awareness of diseases. We want to help the health and wellness-related organizations in our communities to promote their cause. Doing so will allow these organizations to make more of an impact and ensure that their message is heard. We also help survivors and those at risk for diseases to live healthier lifestyles to lessen the risk of future illnesses. During the pandemic, we are not connecting volunteers to any in-person volunteer events. However, there will be opportunities to volunteer virtually. At Vitality Volunteers, we think it is essential to help the people with underlying conditions and diseases, as their access to medical professionals and resources is significantly lower at these times. It is our responsibility as a community to help. We work with our partnered organizations to support these individuals and make these uncertain times easier for them through providing resources, check-in calls, making cards, documenting stories, and anything else they may require.

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Destined Doctors

January 1, 2020

We strive to inspire young students (middle through high school) that are interested in the medical field to join our organization! Through this platform, we hope to spread knowledge about the many fields in medicine as well as the attainment of insightful outlooks and information about the process. Destined Doctors, a youth-led initiative started in an attempt to spark interest in medicine to those planning on pursuing it. We hope to bring the quality factual content of all specialties in the medical field that you are looking for! Our team consists of members from 3 continents and 5 countries.


Shielding Our Defenders

A group of high school students raising money to buy KN-95 masks from Hong Kong for healthcare workers in NY and NJ
So far they've donated over 2,000 masks to NYC hospitals and are looking forward to distribute thousands more in the next upcoming weeks

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We are a nonprofit organization that serves womxn in our community who don’t have access to menstrual products. We started by researching the most common needs for young womxn and formulated care packages that would be most suitable for any day of the cycle. Each month we create around 50 packages per month and donate 25 packages to different organizations and/or schools. Each package is bagged separately and contains 10 regular-sized pads, 4 maxi pads, 4 liners, and 1-2 tampons, in order to give the recipients a variety of products for different preferences. This year alone, we have donated over 250 packages to local organizations, and through our endeavor, we hope to continue to raise awareness of this natural process that has been neglected for so long and expand Care4Women to communities across the world.


SustainABLE Start

SustainABLE Start makes good hygiene accessible for New Yorkers experiencing homelessness by creating free hygiene kits with toothbrushes, toothpaste, wet wipes, deodorant, socks, feminine hygiene products, and a homeless resource guide.


Mariposa Masks

Our project name is the Mariposa Mask Initiative. We are a fundraiser focusing on providing masks for homeless shelters in Massachusetts and Connecticut. We are a group of best friends who met in 6th grade and who now go to 5 different boarding schools across MA and CT. The  chosen shelters have personal ties to us, as we will be focusing on area near our homes and schools. Find and support us at @mariposa.masks on Instagram or our go fund me page,

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The Proximity Foundation

January 1, 2020

The Proximity Foundation is an organization dedicated to increasing the involvement of youth in medicine. By writing articles, creating educational content, and utilizing social media, we hope to expose younger audiences to the healthcare industry, new medical innovations, and the inner workings of the human anatomy. We have over 100 members from across the world who are collaborating to create the best resources!

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NFHW -  ( Necessities for Homeless Women)

January 1, 2020

The project N.F.H.W ( Necessities for Homeless Women) is targeting homeless women and girls who are unable to get the “necessities”  that they need. Necessities, meaning feminie products, which many homeless women aren’t able to obtain or buy. Our goal is to not only spread awareness about this issue, but give back to the homeless community, by giving out a variety of feminine products in bags. Imagine not having access to essential products that are needed in our daily lives especially for vulnerable women. This project will provide these essential free hygiene products and will reduce the embarrassment to those who are unable to provide.


Guardian on the Go

Guardian on the Go is a local initiative founded by Mia Mercer in order to help promote public health through the use of masks, while reserving single-use surgical masks for medical workers. Each mask is up cycled from old scrubs, washable and reusable! 100% of all profits will be donated to aid research, communities and hospitals. check out their instagram @guardianonthego



Mind Over Matter is a website that provides teens and adults with blog posts to help during the COVID-19 pandemic. We discuss ways to stay active and healthy while at home, things related to mental health during these times, how to help the healthcare system, and miscellaneous topics such as living a sustainable lifestyle in the wake of a pandemic.

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THHS Period

THHS Period Poverty Awareness is a club at Townsend Harris High School that works alongside the Period Movement. Our goals include getting our school community more involved with the concept of period poverty, ending the stigma surrounding menstruation, and providing clean menstrual hygiene products to all menstruators in need. Access to these products have undoubtedly become more difficult to obtain during this global pandemic which is an issue that our club would like to address and relieve in a timely manner.

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The Black Dove Organization

July 12, 2025

The Black Dove Organization is a student-led organization and community that advocates for mental health awareness. To advocate for our cause, we showcase teen and young adults’ creative work, resources for various problems in communities, and assistance to our incredible audience. As our community grows, more projects will be installed that promotes positivity through minority communities.

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The Orchid Organization

As a community organization, our goal is to empower our society to take the matter of their health and wellness into their own hands by providing them with the appropriate knowledge and access to resources. In the past, we have planned events including free online yoga sessions to Case-Xs where the audience plays the role of the physician asking questions regarding family and medical history, asking for signs and symptoms, and “conducting” the necessary lab tests to diagnose the patient. If you are interested in joining our team we would love to have you!

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EB MedsUnite

Description: We are looking to create a foundation that increases medical awareness in the community and encourages middle and high school students to become successful through the paths they desire. We hope to increase each student's knowledge and public speaking skills in the medical field. We are creating awareness of the different possibilities as well as creating an opportunity for students to apply all the skills they learn. Our interest and passion for medicine is what brings us together. We are currently high school students and we believe anything is possible with perseverance, knowledge, teamwork, and skills. We have a lot of determination and interest which we look to pass to the members of EB MedsUnite.

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Health Needs Rx

HealthNeedsRx was created to bring preventive healthcare to the home to help mitigate healthcare disparities. By providing essential information on health conditions, how to self-screen, how to maintain one's health, and more, HealthNeedsRx educates medically-underserved areas on primary prevention and allows people to take control of their own well-being.