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Initiatives regarding education



Homeroom is a website created by Alice Khayami (LFNY student) that promotes peer to peer tutoring during times of crisis.

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Get Ahead Tutor

Get Ahead Tutor aims to help passionate students reach their full potentials, regardless of their circumstance. We provide FREE virtual tutoring and advising services for high school students across the nation. We also produce content to educate and raise awareness about college readiness in underserved communities. Any student looking for help can sign up on our interest form or DM us at @getaheadtutor. If you’re an educator looking for additional support for your students, please shoot us a message at @getaheadtutor and we will reach out to collaborate!

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Simple Studies

Simple Studies is a free online resource for students. This school year, we will offer study guides for AP courses, core courses, elective courses, and IB courses! Our study guides are made by our content creators: volunteers who make them in exchange for service hours.



Book Zoomy is an initiative started by Yanis Koutoupes Guessous (LFNY student) and Charlie Obrien (former LFNY student). Book Zoomy reads books to kids (from around 8-10 years old) through zoom.

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Robots for Positivity

@robotsforpositivity is an instagram based initiative that utilizes FIRST Robotics’ platform to spread positivity through STEAM. At a glance, FIRST Robotics impacts roughly 660,000 students and 79,000 teams. That’s 660,000 students and 79,000 teams doing some Good Stuff around the globe--making a difference while making robots. RobotsForPositivity looks to highlight the achievements done by these teams, and spread positivity throughout the community.

As FIRST participants ourselves, we hope to bring FIRST Robotics to mainstream light and recognize all the good things that teams do, while uniting robots and art.

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SuccessBaseMass is an organization dedicated to connecting low income students with free, accessible programs and internships that suit their interests.

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STEM to Go

STEM To Go is a nonprofit online educational website hat posts articles related to different topics of STEM! The articles are written by high school students that are very intelligent and interested in STEM as well. We began this online blog due to the current pandemic. Many may not be able to borrow books from the library anymore or buy books due to financial issues. STEM To Go is 100% online and free for anyone that is curious and excited to learn more about STEM topics! The website is separated into three age categories: children, teens, and adults. Everyone is welcome to read and find their personal interests! We are planning on expanding by creating new projects such as including fun lecture videos, tutoring, and more!

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January 1, 2020

ZoomKidz is an educational program taught by teen mentors to give children opportunities to learn about topics in various academic areas in a fun way during these difficult times. Children from Grades K-5 can join the meetings on Zoom, a video-calling platform, once a week for 40 minutes, and interact with the lesson. Meetings for Grades K-2 will be held separately from the Grades 3-5 meeting. We hope this can be an engaging environment that your kids can be a part of!

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Alibid Society

Alibid Society is a youth-run nonprofit debate association trying to connect students grades 6-12 globally through the art of debate. We offer debate and speech-related activities such as workshops, lessons, team-building opportunities, and monthly tournaments! Our completely online program allows us to host much more diverse and comprehensive activities, including under the mentorship of our university debate partners! Beginner or experienced, join us as we grow the community of debate one speech at a time.

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Future Einsteins

The Future Einsteins is a non-profit organization intended to teach less-privileged children about the wonders of science through various experiments and interactive activities! We have held multiple summer camps and sessions in PA and are excited to conduct virtual workshops this summer to expand our program!

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Fem in Stem

We are a student-led organization with the goal of getting more young women into STEM fields. Our program is aimed towards middle and high school girls. We offer online workshops, similar to one-time classes with a set date and time, where students can sign up for a class and attend it on a given subject via Zoom. We also offer one-on-one tutoring where we match students with a teacher who is knowledgeable on the given subject, also via Zoom. All of our services are online and free!

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The Sci- Instructors

The Sci - Instructors is a non-profit organization based in South Florida distributing STEM curriculum to students internationally while teaching for over five local organizations. Over 300+ students have benefitted from receiving STEM classes and tutoring from the Sci - Instructors. provides the STEM curriculum, videos explaining STEM concepts, and educational articles on the medical field and current topics.


Bridge to Literacy

Bridge to Literacy is an international student-led nonprofit organization that strives to foster a love of language through literacy in children from underserved communities around the world in countries like Honduras, Kenya, and Ukraine. Through one-on-one English lessons through a digital platform, we hope to give them access to greater opportunities while fostering meaningful relationships that transcend borders.

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Alphabet Soup

Alphabet Soup is an organization created for students who seek help in writing. Our team of student editors are dedicated to helping their peers improve their essays. Alphabet Soup aims to offer a creative space that allows for growth and collaboration amongst its members