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Kind Words USA

Kind Words USA was started by high school students to bring hope and positivity to hospital staff battling COVID-19. We have sent over a hundred notes to hispitals in the Chicago and New York area. Once you send in a note, we copy it down onto a card and send it to a hospital we are in contact with.



Created during my first year of business studies , I realized that phone accessories only stopped at cases, so I decided to add a funky accessory: phone strap made out of beads to make your phone cooler! This is where Blooshy started! I am now expanding the brand to jewelry such as bracelets and necklaces!
With these sad circumstances, I have decided to support John Hopkin’s Covid-19 research by donating  15% of the proceeds!


Podcasts: The Conversation

The conversation is a fun podcast where 12 juniors debate about numerous different issues ranging from philosophy to economics. Our show will be structured around facts and opinions, not on speculation. This podcast will be a conversation with people that have different viewpoints where the goal will be to debate and find solutions to the problems and big ideas present in our world today. Our team includes members from multiple nationalities, political affiliations, and different priorities in life. Our team collaborates on what makes the shortlist of topics based on things we are concerned and intrigued about. The executive producers are Marc Wahab (LFNY student) and Tom Klehr (LFNY student), under the direction of Miles Baratier (LFNY student), and with the participation of other LFNY students.

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What is The Lab? 
- An initiative created by Lily Krakoff (LFNY student) and Elizabeth Mauro (LFNY student) to give teenagers a creative outlet in this difficult time, while simultaneously helping those affected by COVID-19. 
- A group of middle/high schoolers working together to write and publish an ebook of uplifting short stories. 
- 100% of profits from the ebook will go towards COVID-19 relief. 
- Weekly Zoom meetings will be held for participants. Join today!



Quaran-teened gives all teenagers an opportunity to learn about other students around the world and what they are experiencing during this global pandemic.



July 12, 2025

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Watching a Movie

The Qualia Review

January 1, 2020

The Qualia Review is an online magazine publishing all forms of written literature. The magazine is committed to not only providing young writers with an outlet to communicate their internal voice — the voice that yearns to be heard by a willing audience — but also encouraging budding writers to pick up a pencil and write!

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Write to Change

Write to Change is an organization that hopes to spread hope and love through the means of handwritten cards. We encourage volunteers to write cards addressed to underprivileged retirement centers, nursing homes, hospitals, and many other institutions to help aleve the stresses of COVID-19. Recently, Write to Change has been selling stickers, scrunchies, and art commissions in order to raise funds for the BLM Movement, COVID-19, and the Yemen Crisis. Please visit our instagram, or website

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Written by the Youth

Written by the Youth is a student based platform dedicated to empowering the youth by providing a global sharing network for young aspiring authors, storytellers, and poets. WbtY gives the youth an opportunity to publish their written work, exchange feedback with like-minded peers, and participate in the growth of a global community!
Written by the Youth was created originally in Singapore, but its diverse executive team is from places all over the globe, including Texas and California!

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Mind Maps with Anna Ho

Each episode on the podcast we will travel to a new destination on our Mind Maps. One destination could be the mindset of a friend that has started a nonprofit and another the mind of the assistant director of Harvard Model UN India. Delving into their minds, we will be learning about their unique struggles and experiences to what shows they have been binge watching recently!

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Culture Talk

Culture Talk was established in January 2020 by three college students who are passionate about changing education and sparking the growth of cultural education through our six pillars: heritage, trends, government, history, geography, and law.  Now with a team of 37 students (and growing!) from middle schools, high schools, and universities around the world, we collaborate across these six pillars and our multimedia platforms (magazine, blog, and social media) with propagating cultural awareness as our top priority. Our site serves to provide supplemental materials for educators to incorporate in their curriculum, as well as to engage students and community advocates in spreading cultural awareness within their respective circles.


Solace & Solidarity

    Solace&Solidarity is an organization with the goal of creating a repository of stories during this time of crisis, shining light on the experiences of people living around the world, and featuring our local community in Washington, to capture the widespread and disparate impact of COVID-19. We also provide a medium for students to express themselves through music, art, poetry, photography, etc. through our student blog. In addition to releasing bi-weekly editions, Solace&Solidarity has since expanded to create monthly multicultural playlists and provide resources in local regions.

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United Under Arts Philadelphia

United Under Arts Philadelphia seeks to connect young musicians and artists across the Philadelphia area to help the community. We are looking for students in or near Philadelphia who are interested in participating in music and art community service projects for service hours.

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Young Poets Unite

July 12, 2025

We are highschool students growing our love of poetry while sharing it with others. We encourage the writing, reading and understanding of poetry. We urge others to step out of their comfort zone and write down their thoughts in the words of a poem.

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The Gen Z Times

January 1, 2020

Inform, express, empower; that is exactly what we strive to do. For us, the pen is indeed mightier than the sword, and from that premise comes our initiative: we are a student-led non-profit that publishes written works by any member of the Generation Z; we are accepting year-long submissions through our e-mail! Besides giving a platform to members of the Generation Z, we also post infographics that shine a light into disregarded world issues and writing tips!

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Pop Dancers League

Pop Dancers League (PDL) is a student non-profit organization WeChat official account for pop dancing that focuses on innovation and talent development. PDL provides a dancing platform to all passionate and unique dancers. PDL uses Chinese and English to share dance choreographies, PDL original activities, dance performances, sub-genre pop dancing introductions, etc.

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Stairway for Ballet

Stairway For Ballet is an organization that has the mission of eliminating racism and breaking stereotypes one step at a time in the ballet community and the arts. Through podcasts, petitions, blogs, and videos, we explore the lack of diversity, racism and discrimination in the ballet world, and stories and experiences from dancers. We also have a Step Program that provides FREE online ballet classes for children (about ages 5-10), especially for those who can’t afford it from September 5th 2020 (more information in the section of Our Program in our website). Learn more and support us by listening to podcasts, signing petitions, watching videos, and reading blogs on our website!

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Cards In Kindness

Senior citizens and children in hospitals are often reported feeling lonely and isolated for long periods of time. Amid the current COVID-19 pandemic, people feel even more isolated. Hand-made cards with encouraging messages and colorful pictures are sure to brighten people's days and let them know that they aren't alone! We hope to bring happiness to the world, one card at a time!


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Team Bezzie is a non profit organization focused on mentorships which has paired 200+ children with teenagers. Pairs converse throughout 30 minute to hour long sessions for 15 days. Mentors help children with homework and do many extras, like storytelling, drawing, watching movies, and games such as hangman, jeopardy and word puzzles. These sessions help children interact with their mentor to gain confidence in speaking, as well as receiving their source of entertainment and education during quarantine to create long lasting friendships and bonds.

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